28 Eylül 2022, Çarşamba
Türkçe (TR)

Secretary General


A. Legal Responsibilities

1. “TOBB is responsible for fulfilling the tasks that are defined in regulations of the Secretary General.

B. System Responsibilities

1. Room created in accordance with the standard terms of activities in accordance with quality management system in their area of responsibility to report to the senior management of the shortcomings he saw in the system and check,

2. The necessary processes of the quality management system in accordance with the demands of formulation, implementation, control of functioning are kept up to date contribute to the continuous improvement and control,

3. In the room the customer (member) to coordinate the work and ensure the dissemination of awareness of required orientation to

4. The room offered the services of non-compliance to contribute to a systematic analysis of the causes,

5. The realization of the objectives is to follow the quality of the room,

6. Ensure that Member and determine the conditions for the Elimination of the causes of the problems are solved,

7. The room service provided to the public and members that are defined within the scope of the necessary checks in to make ensure the desired quality of service and do it,

8. Give information about participate in the activities Management Review activities,

9. Department-related records to ensure that quality is maintained, is responsible for performing data analysis and reporting results to senior management.