28 Eylül 2022, Çarşamba
Türkçe (TR)

Registration Work Machine

Traffic records non-private or corporate entities may not be registered according to the highway traffic act of Business Machines and the mobilization and war preparations is based on the work of the country within the country with regard to the defense of existing business machines Business Machines and continuous monitoring of the potential of our room for the purpose of determining the registration processes are performed.

Business Machines of the documents required to be registered include:

· Written petition addressed to the requesting work machine, the registration of the room

Business certificate of ownership of the machine

Invoice (if the invoice has been imported in addition to the business machine that has been paid customs declaration and the customs tax receipt.)

A bill of sale a notary,

The certificate of occupancy to be obtained from probate or court Decree,

(original or notarized copy of any of the above-mentioned documents) is required.

· On the machine if modifications are made, these repairs was prepared and approved by the Firm's invoice by the company with the provincial industry and commerce renovation project,

· Technical document (technical certificate if you have the machine, technical document and information written out in full and signed by vehicle owners or specified kaselenir),

These documents are subject to fee which the designated service is provided to the member of the assembly room, when the cost of money shall be collected.