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Geographical Structure And Demography

Geographical structure and Demography

Konya karapınar 95 km. is situated to the East. Çumra Konya karatay district of West province and the district, province and County in the South Ayrancı Karaman, eregli district to the east, the north east Emirgazi County, North, is surrounded by the provinces of Aksaray. 2.747 km2 from sea level elevation 1026 m, which is the town area. Located on a busy highway which connects Konya to the east of and very important.

The name of the city is "the fountainhead" which was called "Blackwater," the source relates to. Today, the name of the source of the Blackwater izafeten dried, the settlement established here "KARAPINAR“ was called.

The volcano karacadag, within the district's boundaries the most important mountainous mass. Another major volcanic mass, Upset the mountain. Karapinar is located in the plain between these two mountainous areas. The northern part of the county, many natural wonders worth a visit in the unique beauty of the "Sinkhole"sinkhole surrounded by hosts s of the plateau. In the south, there is most exposed to wind erosion in Turkey.

Typical continental climate is in karapinar long summers are very hot and dry, winters are snowy and cold.The 21-year observation data, according to the annual average temperature is 10.9 degrees. Turkey is one of the wettest places at least. The 29-year observation, according to data 279.5 mm annual rainfall. For this, the vegetation is thin and ormansiz. Major wind erosion damage.

Turkey is exposed to wind erosion in Karapinar and the environment is most important field. (This field is exposed to erosion across the country, the area of 20% corresponds to.)The lack of rainfall is minimal and surface water in the county, and dry farming are highlighted. In agricultural areas, fallow holds a fairly significant proportion of pitches allocated.By the influence of arid climate in which most of the vegetation is short grass for one year, which is formed by "STEP" is called steppe. Indeed, it is common for small ruminant livestock in the county.

On the outskirts of the southwestern karacadag, two explosions occurred in the crater Lake meke and acıgöl volcanic eruptions is especially famous for the salt. Furthermore, slope and pitch, such as sinkholes and crater lakes.