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Considerations When Choosing A Title

Points To Take Into Consideration When Choosing The Title

Enacted by being published in the Official Gazette dated 14.02.2014 trade names notified by 28913. Significant changes and edits to the aforementioned communiqué were made.

A trade name, to distinguish it from any previously registered to the registry office of Turkey, a title can not be registered without additional that is required.

Registered tradename previously, under Article 46 of the Turkish Commercial Code that indicates the subject of the first phrase is the same as additional business and trade names shall be registered prior to making a distinctive addition to other whose.(Ex.1)

Previously registered own trade Oct with Oct same, but the first phrase that comes after that indicates the subject of business, which is different October the trade title, can be registered prior to making a distinctive addition.(Ex.2)

The company previously registered a trade only title that indicates the type of phrases which is different from another, shall be registered prior to making additional distinctive.(Ex.3)

To give an example

Example 1: “A construction, automotive, textile industry and trade Joint Stock Company” trade name has previously been registered, “a textile construction tourism industry and trading Joint Stock Company” commercial additional distinguished can not be registered without title.

Example-2: “B. construction and automotive industry Joint-Stock Company” trade name has previously been registered, if a “b, tourism, construction Industry Joint-Stock Company” commercial can be registered without additional distinguished title.

Example-3: “C tourism Limited Liability Company” trade name has previously been registered, “Tourism Joint Stock Company C” commercial additional distinguished can not be registered without title.

2. You're choosing to know if another entity is used by the trade Directorate of the Turkish trade registry Gazette and on the internet page “inquiry” section, by logging in to our databases, you can query the Ministry of customs and trade union with the trade over.

3. Merchants, businesses, and except for statements that would arouse a wrong opinion, it is possible to use in the title of any attachments.

4. Trade names in a foreign language will be determined.

Business of the Company shall be freely determined subject to Turkish phrases that indicates the type of trade.

5. Joint-stock and limited liability companies in the trade of business to take the place of at least one of the subjects will be enough.

6. In the past five years was deleted from the commercial register until the name of another merchant a trade that will be re-registered.

7. The name of the country in the title to be used for the requirement to obtain permission from the competent authority of that country was introduced.

8. Located in the trade area, phrases of the public order and morality cannot be contrary to the national interest, in a way that would undermine the cultural and historical values cannot be determined.

9. Trade names owned enterprises and enterprises of considerations to take into account when choosing the companies varies according to.

According to this:

When choosing the individual enterprises in the trade name, name and last name of the person without the use of the abbreviation is obligatory. The supposition that a company exists of real people to trade especially forbidden to make additions that will wake them up.

Collective of the company trade name, The name and surname of at least one of the partners or all the partners with a phrase that will show the type of company than is required.

Limited company with share capital with the trade names of ordinary or Active partners with at least one of the type of company that will show the name and surname of a phrase than is required. These companies trade in the presence of the partner name and the last names of the partners is prohibited by law.

Limited Liability and joint stock companies trading in the title; “Limited Liability Company”, “Corporation” and “Cooperative” presence of words is essential. If a real person's name in the trade name or surname, not nicknames or shortened phrases that indicate the type of company to be written as it is not possible.

10. When choosing an entity the use of the trade title of the branch Trade Center and Own the title to indicate that it is obligated to the end of the branch. Related to branch can be made by the addition of this title.