29 Eylül 2023, Cuma
Türkçe (TR)

Trade Registry Service

The organizational structure of the trade registry Directorate, the purpose and duties of the Turkish Commercial Code 24-38. with the ingredients in the commercial register is regulated in the regulation.

The tasks of the Directorate of trade registry;

*The registration of legal entities and enterprises and branches of real make

*The matters to which businesses have been registered in the Register of any amendments thereto,

*Closed provide for the cancellation of the registration of companies,

*Real and legal entities with third parties the registration be made of the operation of the commercial enterprise pledge agreement is concluded,

*Keep record of the files in the archive of the scheme of things,

*The commercial registration, as defined in the act, keep books,

*Meet the document and information about the pursuit of related registry files.

That can be obtained from our Directorate of information and documents ;

Documents and content that will be held by the trade register office in the commercial register was mentioned in the relevant articles of the regulation. These

*In The Commercial Register Of The Regulation 104.the article is organized according to issue a confirmation of registration commercial

*In The Commercial Register Of The Regulation 105.the article is organized according to saving document in real estate

*55 Of The Regulation In The Commercial Register.the article is organized according to document related to the opening of Branch

*47 Of The Charter Of The Trade Registry.organized according to the central document related to the article transplant

*Apart from these, the person concerned or by the official institutions existing in the register file, documents, papers, copies of trade registry Gazette and can be requested.