29 Eylül 2023, Cuma
Türkçe (TR)

Member Obligations

No. 5174 of chambers and commodity exchanges of Turkey the Union of chambers and commodity exchanges of the law, “notification of changes” regulating the issue 10. in the article “the necessity of recording in the room, and occur in cases of the Turkish commercial registration according to law within one month from the date the change occurred and all the announcement they are registered must report to the room.” in the provision of.

These changes, especially the “share transfer”, the purpose and change the subject”, “a change in the main contract”, “Division”, “Merger”, “transplant center”, “Cancellation”, “capital”, “General Assembly” and “change of address” operation of which will be made after the registration process, do not encounter any problem for our room to be notified of our members is very important.

For example, the allotment and transfer of shares of our room because it is not reported in the determination of the retirement period to the social security institutions there have been grievances with regard to quite important.

The changes that have occurred in the state in order to prevent these and other grievances to be notified to our room will be for the benefit of our members.

“To provide a better quality service to you: let us know your contact information.”

The timeliness of our members contact information available in our room in terms of ensuring quality and Timely Service is of great importance.

Notified of changes in contact information particularly in the event you are not able to reach has not found, and hence many services, you do not have the opportunity to enjoy our activities and announcements.

The importance of time management with the increasing importance of fast communication is also increasing. For this reason, our current members where we have instant access to contact information (e-mail, corporate SMS notify is the key that opens all the doors.

Among other changes, contact information and company related legal responsibilities of our members we want to remind you of the report.

The relevant article of the law; "occurring in the case of a registered dealer in the room, the commercial registration according to law and Declaration of all kinds that is required to be reported within one month from the date the change occurred, it is imperative that chambers and commodity exchanges" is called.

“Pay your dues timely: do not be exposed to late payment”

Karapınar Chamber of Commerce and Industry Membership are determined by law. Our room, as the fulfillment of the obligations in question is responsible for legal proceedings.

One of the primary duties of our members “annual and additional fees” that are paid on time. Annual fee and additional fees, are described in the amendment of the law 5174 24th and 25th. Accordingly;

Annual dues : Members that has to pay the fee each year.

Additional fees : real people of merchants and industrialists, which constitute the basis of the commercial gains from a year ago, income tax, legal persons and commercial balance sheet profits of the Industrialists over the fees they are additionally liable at a rate of 5 per thousand.

Payment of annual dues and the period of the first and second installments of the additional fees are as follows:

The First Installment Of The Payment Deadline : 30 June

Date Of The Last Payment Of The Second Installment : October 31

Unpaid annual dues and additional fees, within the period 6183 “collection of public receivables in accordance with the provisions of the Law on the procedure of late payment are collected.