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Capacity Report

Definition and scope

Capacity report; a company's existing machine park and with the workforce, for a one year period, how many units can be carried out acting in a scientific manner the production of certain criteria determination result of the edited document. Capacity report the validity period is 3 years.


The Purpose Of Regulation

Reports to determine production potential of the country's industrial capacity, in order to create a data base for Economic and strategic plans and programs are organized. The aforementioned document, promote, quota allocation, procurement, import and export-related transactions with the records of various government agencies and ministries used to enter. (the record industry, food like a record)

Legislation That Makes Mandatory The Regulation Capacity Report

*Industry Registration Act No. 6948

*No. 5174 of the Union of chambers and commodity exchanges of Turkey (T. O. B. b) of the act, 5. § 8. In accordance with the paragraph ‘capacity report non-editable industrialist institutions are not to be counted’

*The decision of the Council of Ministers published in the Official Gazette dated 28.05.1975 of 7/9914

*T. O. B. B. Transaction Rules Regulation (9. Part I, Article 54)

*Import and export regulations

*Incentives and related papers,

*The Decree Law No. 560 on production and consumption and inspection of foods and regulations,

Used Capacity Report Fields

*Industry registration in the registration process,

*Auctions of various institutions and organizations,a subsidiary of

*Industrialist-exporters the same rights of enjoyment,

*Some production entries provide discount rates,

*The allocation given to the enjoyment of Industrialists,

*The quota application in

*The demands of the incentive certificate,

*Attempts to import via temporary admission.

Capacity To Report How Do You Apply?

*The room capacity report request form procured from the below mentioned documents to be compiled are referenced in the Appendix.

*The Declaration and payment of social security for workers in the last two months receipts,

*The deed of establishment or renewed a lease with the concise statement, and the accrual slip,

*Photocopies of receipts or ownership documents of the machines used in manufacturing,

The Process Of Designing Capacity Report

*Along with the room capacity report request form referred to by the company,are

*Reference will be evaluated by the relevant Rapporteur.

*The expert engineer in charge with pre-determined on the date a petition to company's workplace visit,

*Expert engineers in accordance with the criteria of the determination and measurement capacity report,

*Subsequent to the writing of the report issued from the automation system for approval online Union of chambers and commodity exchanges of Turkey (tobb) is sent to

*After the approval of tobb's karapinar, returned to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, one of the report is given to the company, while in the other room, shall be kept in Firm's files.

Reasons For The Renewal Of The Capacity Report.

*The expiration period

*Changes in the data capacity.

Reasons For The Cancellation Of The Capacity Report.

*The facility to transfer to another company, be rented or rolled back fully or partially,

*As a result of the changing of the workplace, machinery and capacity of installations that will affect the detection of a change in the table (in this case the former capacity report is cancelled and replaced are carried out. Workplace change that will affect a change in the machine table capacity and installation of new address notification in the absence of sufficient tobb),

*The loss of the qualification of the firm industry (the company or the workplace is closed to drop the production of continuous karapinar, determination by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry)

*The dissolution or bankruptcy of the organization

*In Sole Proprietorship, the death of the owner of the company,

*Change the subject of activity of the company, or with another workplace transport and/or by signing up to another room with a new capacity to report

*Due to natural disasters destroying installations and machinery and a long time does not work in case of presence detection,

*The validity period expires.